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World Manufacturing Foundation - The Dawn of Human-Machine Interaction

World Manufacturing Foundation Plenary Session 3 – POLICY & PEOPLE: The Dawn of Human-Machine Interaction.


AI deployment must be based on an approach that promotes the respect of fundamental rights, including human dignity, pluralism, inclusion, non-discrimination, and protection of privacy and personal data. Along with enhancing the machines’ skills, increasing amounts of data are being collected and information on human behavior is being monitored; all of which present challenges for privacy and data protection.

One of the main issues concerning the relation between AI and workplace is about the interaction with the workforce, which requires new skills, and, on the other hand, a reduction of specific kinds of available jobs for humans. We should also consider how AI is not only something the big tech giants are focused on, it is something that has an impact on our everyday life. It powers those amazingly accurate TV recommendations, as well as personalized search results. But AI has the power to do more. The session aims also to discuss how AI applications promise to transform the lives of citizens across the globe, e.g. with autonomous vehicles, blockchain, education. People will learn how to live with intelligent products, improving their lives.

00:00 Speakers:

01:46 Paolo Benanti: Roman theologian, Third Order Regular of St. Francis

03:44 Marta Batalla Massana: Policy Officer, DG Grow – European Commission

08:00 Klaus Beetz: CEO, EIT Manufacturing

11:46 Chandrakant Salunkhe: Founder and President, SME Chamber of India

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